After No.4

This is the final part of the No.4 trilogy; it’s taken a while but writing dialogue was harder than I anticipated. I have a few thoughts that could add a Part 4 but for now I’m working on something else I will post when I have a finished piece of work.

I hope you enjoy this last piece, best wishes


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No.4 – Parts 1 & 2

This started just as the ‘Cartographers Kitten’ did as a challenge to write a short eight hundred word story but this time I intended to write two parts of eight hundred words each; I missed the target by about eight words so I’m going to let them stand as they are, I think 1% off isn’t too bad. However, whilst writing and rewriting No.4 I decided to write a prequel to it which will simply be known as ‘Before No.4’.

Anyone who is a fan of JK Rowling’s work will recognise the protagonist and the locations in a matter of seconds and whilst my work will never be a rival to the original it was great fun writing a short piece for one of my favourite literary characters.

I hope you enjoy them.

Best wishes