Short Stories & Carpet Squares

On the following pages you will find my short stories the first of which, The Ghosts Of Winterby Halt, took a long time to write and it is probably never going to be quite finished; but for now though the latest version is posted.

I like writing short stories and I generally try to stick to what I think is a good story idea with a small group of characters; if I get too many of them I tend to find they wander off and start doing their own thing, which is never helpful.

So, my plan is to post as I write which means as each ‘carpet square’ of the story is completed it gets posted and as the story develops some squares will be rewritten and reposted and others will remain untouched, and some may even disappear altogether.

Updates will be posted on the main page of the blog telling you when new carpet squares have been posted and anything else I think is important.

I hope you enjoy what you find here and, as always, do feel free to contact me.