The Cartographers Kitten

In 2008 J K Rowling wrote a short, 800 word, story as part of a charity auction. The story details an encounter between James Potter and Sirius Black and the muggle Police; it is unofficially known as the ‘Harry Potter Prequel’ and if you are interested it can be found here:  Beyond Hogwarts

This got me thinking ‘How hard can it be to write an 800 word story?’ It turned out to be a lot harder than I thought; I went through many different ideas none of which would adapt themselves well to such a short format.

Then I reread J K Rowling’s short story and realised that everything happens in a very short space of time and this was the key to writing this story.

My story takes place in the space of a couple of hours one evening in the depths of winter when an act of kindness changes two lives.

I hope you enjoy this story and if you do please consider giving your local animal rescue a few pennies; whatever you give will make a difference.

Best wishes,



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