After No.4

This is the final part of the No.4 trilogy; it’s taken a while but writing dialogue was harder than I anticipated. I have a few thoughts that could add a Part 4 but for now I’m working on something else I will post when I have a finished piece of work.

I hope you enjoy this last piece, best wishes


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Before No.4

I said in my earlier post, ‘No.4 – Parts 1 & 2’, that I had decided to write a prequel and this proved harder that I originally supposed as this takes place outside of the work of JK Rowling using only a short piece as a backdrop and this time I’ve tried to make the protaganist a little less obvious.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this short story.

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No.4 – Parts 1 & 2

This started just as the ‘Cartographers Kitten’ did as a challenge to write a short eight hundred word story but this time I intended to write two parts of eight hundred words each; I missed the target by about eight words so I’m going to let them stand as they are, I think 1% off isn’t too bad. However, whilst writing and rewriting No.4 I decided to write a prequel to it which will simply be known as ‘Before No.4’.

Anyone who is a fan of JK Rowling’s work will recognise the protagonist and the locations in a matter of seconds and whilst my work will never be a rival to the original it was great fun writing a short piece for one of my favourite literary characters.

I hope you enjoy them.

Best wishes


The Cartographers Kitten

In 2008 J K Rowling wrote a short, 800 word, story as part of a charity auction. The story details an encounter between James Potter and Sirius Black and the muggle Police; it is unofficially known as the ‘Harry Potter Prequel’ and if you are interested it can be found here:  Beyond Hogwarts

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The Ghosts Of Winterby Halt

This is a short ghost story I have been working on for a very long time; it was one of those stories that just never seemed finished, there was always one more tweak and a bit more polish that needed to be added. In the end you sometimes you just have to accept that you’ve done as much as you can and so what you see is my ‘final draft’. Continue reading “The Ghosts Of Winterby Halt”