Welcome To Charlie Rufus .Com

Hello and welcome.

My name is Charlie Rufus and this is my corner of the internet where I get to share with you some of the short stories I write.

My general plan is to post parts of the stories as they are written with the intention that you should see the story start to grow and develop and from time to time earlier sections will be revised and replaced improve the flow and reflect the changes in the story.

This seemed to me to be the more interesting way to write a story and after talking to the wonderful Bernard Pearson who told me that Terry Pratchett often described writing stories as creating carpet squares which then had to be linked together to create the full story; I figured who was I to argue.

He also told me that Terry said that writing was the most fun you could have with your clothes on and its true. Mind you he also told me a lot about pickled walnuts but that is a story for another day!

Anyway, the one thing you will notice on the Short Stories tab is my first full story; it took a long time to write and it’s one of those things that I don’t think will ever be quite finished, but I hope you enjoy it; just remember it’s a ghost story and they are best read in the quiet of a late evening by candle light.

Finally, as I have a passion for baking I have a Recipe page which will be updated with new recipes from time to time; all the recipes have been extensively tested and perfected, so do enjoy them but don’t hold me responsible when the scales lie to you!

Best wishes and thank you for visiting.



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